We created for you the best product. A card that offers you discounts for millions of products or services all over the world via local shops, big merchants and e-shops.
An usual 3 members family can save a minimum of 2.000 euro per year by simply shopping from the participating companies.
The privilege of adding the products and services you use most gives you the safety that you will not change your habits, you will continue to shop from the same companies but, from now on, you will also save money for your targets, your children studies, holidays etc
How can you benefit of these discounts? It’s simple! Present the card to the shop, confirm that you are a Rul Charity International member and the merchant will give you the discount in that moment, CASH!

We know the difficulties that small and mid merchants are facing, as well as the problems of the big ones. All of them receive a lot of expensive and non-affordable promotion offers. Rul Charity International is here to offer you a much better solution:
Targeted promotions to our members via the Rul Charity International newsletter
Promotions targeted to the thousands of visitors of our site
Aggressive promotions for super deals >30%, on the homepage of our site
Social media promotions (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, groups with thousands of people etc) and the possibility to acquire new clients
Promotions during our Rul Events and promotions inside our Rul Charity Mobile App*
The above privileges/promotions offered by Rul Charity International are completely FREE. We hope you appreciate them and offer us a very good discount for our members as well as an extra discount for the period of general discounts or special promotions from your company.
You can choose how many years you want to collaborate with us and you can change your offer or to give us a super deal whenever you want.
*The Rul Charity Mobile App will be ready in the first half of 2018