RUL CHARITY ACADEMY - A special service for all our members

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We were searching for a solution to help you develop your mentality, to offer you the correct business and financial education, to teach you the secrets of our industry and to help you achieve your targets safely.

You can’t go out there unprepared if you want to perform in this business. So one word came to our minds….ACADEMY!!!

We carefully designed our Rul Charity Academy stages as we are aware that personal development is a very sensitive subject for all of you.

We want to teach you how to manage your financial resources and have your own guiding principles in business and life.

As a Rul Charity member you will go through different topics, focused on business-leadership-life seminars online and offline (live). As a result of each level completion, you will receive an official certificate. This certificate is an extra ethic reward if you want to develop and reach the next level both in your business and personal life.

Rul Basic Skills Certificate

Rul Coaching Skills Certificate

Rul Leadership Skills Certificate

Rul Diploma 1 Certificate

These are the four certificates for the first year. The Academy starts officially in February, in Greece and Romania. We have the honour to start the collaboration with two of the best coaches in their countries:


Mirela Git

3 years as an independent personal and business coach and consultant (John Maxwell Team certification)

18 years in sales and sales management (for different companies and banks also)

8 years in education (the public system) – 3 of them as a headmistress.

Lots of wonderful (and uncomfortable sometimes) experiences – that’s what every professional will say …

For quite a number of years now, I’ve been working with people …

People speak about results, but all results mean something else: a lot of work, uncomfortable growth, disappointments, uncertainty, fear – it’s all part of the process, but it’s a unique experience – and the accomplishment overcomes all effort – that’s why I chose to be close to people who dare to dream ‘impossible’ dreams – and help them do it!

The most valuable lesson for me: responsibility is the best teacher – maybe it’s for the others in the first place (for our families, friends, co-workers, people in our teams), but eventually we realize it’s for OUR lives, our growth and our mission.

I encourage you to take responsibility for your impossible dream and let me guide you towards it!